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New Mariah Carey Painting

June 6th, 2010


Welcome back my faithful art collectors and enthusiast, It’s been over a year since I mentioned the starting of the Mariah Carey Painting.

Well it’s here! I completed it. In the video I also mention that I was taping the painting from the start until I finish. Well sometime thing just don’t work out like you want, instead I photographed the entire project. So that you can see how I put this master piece together.

This painting is measured 44 x 39 with the frame 49 x 44 mixed mediums, it’s textured in many areas, only noticeable very close but I like it, it gives the original look of the painting.

I will describe some of the scenes. The bed is a $70,000 gold leave poster bed, the bedding is from my aunt bed. The book case is plexiglas found at an contemporary furniture store .on the book shelf there are some items from my home and a picture of Nick and Mariah’s wedding. The rug is from my dinning room. There’s a fireplace, pink slippers and a violet color antique chair in the bed room. The back ground has the California seen of the night with stars the moon and palm trees which make this piece romantic, just what Mariah likes.

FYI: I took the painting outdoors and to my amazement the sun hit it and what I saw was the most beautiful colors, the painting just lights up.

Artist Prince Whiting III