Prince Whiting, III

Prince Whiting, III was born in 1948 in Memphis, Tennessee and has been painting and sketching since the age of nine. He covers a wide range of subjects from celeberties and mythology to Renaissance style paintings.

The Artist

Prince Whiting III next to one of his abstract works.

Prince Whiting III next to one of his abstract works.

Artist Prince Whiting III is one of America’s foremost portrait artist. Prince paints with oils , acrylic and mixed mediums for over thirty five years. When viewing his works you will notice his different styles from impression to detail. The artist study other artist styles, books and magazines at the library.

His paintings are from the past and present, celebrities, heroes, and scenes of our time. Even paintings of special events and of people who have touched our lives.

Prince Whiting, III is known as the “paparazzi artist,” and the new master. He paints portraits of famous people such as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Tony Gwynn, Condoleezza Rice and George W.
Bush. Prince says he is first and foremost a Christian artist who attributes his success to the inspiration and leading of the Holy Spirit. In an interview with Mr. Whiting he explained that “The Holy Spirit inspired me to paint.”

“I have studied Rembrandt’s style for many years. His style is very difficult to paint; knowing how to separate each dark subject requires a lot of concentration. This style is very difficult. I prefer to paint real life subjects like the old masters did such as real people who influence our lives and who will be talked about hundred of years in the future like Tiger Woods the greatest golfer in the world, Condoleezza Rice the first African American woman to be the Secretary of State and President George W. Bush, who made history by making Iraq the first democratic country in the Middle East and giving Iraqis the right to vote.

That’s history! Remember the purple finger?

When you purchase original works of Prince Whiting III you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity and all works are signed by the artist. This is proof that your painting is an original work.

FYI: “I highly recommend that you buy original paintings. When you purchase originals the value of the painting increases. Haven’t you heard of someone purchasing or finding a painting that ends up being worth millions? Buy originals because you just never know. It could happen to you. Hold on to any original that you find or purchase. Research all your works of art, old and new. Be very sure the artist has signed the work.”

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Prince Whiting The Third, Artist